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At Hely we naturally consider the security of our systems and our network to be of the utmost importance. We are convinced that good security is essential to maintain the trust that our clients, suppliers and employees place in us. Despite the care invested in the security of our systems, however, it is still possible that vulnerabilities could be discovered.

By means of our responsible disclosure policy, we ask anyone who has discovered a vulnerability to report it as quickly as possible, so that we can take adequate countermeasures. We would be happy to work with you to solve the vulnerability. Our responsible disclosure policy is not an invitation to actively scan our company network in detail to discover vulnerabilities, as we are already monitoring the network.

We ask that you:

What can you expect:

This responsible disclosure policy is based on the Responsible Disclosure Guideline published by the National Cyber Security Centre, and the sample Responsible Disclosure written by Floor Terra.

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